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Sam Shaje

CEO / Founder
+34 662 562 083​

Sam began his business career in the restaurant industry. For over 20 years, he developed a wide range of successful projects whilst running his own restaurants in Sweden and Germany. In 2016, he decided to go back to school and moved to Valencia for Architectural studies. Still passionate about business and with a new set of knowledge, Sam launched Marbella Estate group in 2017.

He relocated to Marbella, where his sister Mona was living at the time, and together they launched interior design company Marbella Design Group. When it comes to his clients, Sam’s dedication is unquestionable. He prides himself on helping them on their real estate journey and making their dreams come true. An avid paddle player. Sam enjoys an active lifestyle and is also a skilled chef.

LANGUAGES:  Swedish, English, German, Persian, and Spanish.